Fort Bliss COF – Hybrid Construction Using Permanent Modular and Tiltwall

The construction program will be incorporated to optimize every building system’s strengths for green construction benefits, speed and cost. Ramtech anticipates advertising the new system to the commercial, government and education markets by the end of the third quarter of 2011.

The Accelerated Building System uses the best of offsite and onsite construction by coupling the pace and efficacy of the prefabricated buildings with the look and quality of site applied exterior and interior finishes. Ramtech constructs a site engineered reinforced concrete slab foundation in the construction site and fabricates the modular building at its production facility. A steel fabricator manufactures the steel building system for a pre-engineered building.

The hybrid building program saves 25% to 40% of time in building construction, which in turn reduces the construction cost significantly and offers a finished building rapidly with superior level of quality and safety than buildings that are 100%

The general construction market quickly realizes the advantages of integrating site building with modular construction and prefabrication. Ramtech’s expertise in steel building systems and other forms of site construction, as well as its key permanent modular construction business, allows it to seize the potential opportunities that cannot be fulfilled by utilizing prefabricated modular buildings alone.