Mansfield at a Glance

Mansfield at a Glance is a one page report on the highlights of Mansfield’s demographics and important information on schools, communities services, and labor.

Detailed Demographic Report

The Detailed Demographic Report is a mult-page .pdf file with detailed demographic data.


2015 Estimate: 65,459
2020 Projection: 73,273

Total Households:

2015 Estimate: 20,615
2020 Projection: 22,913

Average HH Income:

2015 Estimate: 97,391

Mansfield ISD:

District 15 – 4A (Lake Ridge, Legacy, and Summit)
District 7 – 5A (Mansfield and Timberview)

MISD Enrollment:


Average Home Value:


Existing Home Value:


New Home Value: